Danfoss Contactors & Motor Starters

Danfoss CI-TI™ contactors and motor starters provide trouble-free switching and maximum protection for your costly motors and other electrical equipment. The components are compact, easy to install and extremely reliable. They have been designed to meet our customers’ requirements, based on comprehensive application experience. More than sixty years of manufacturing experience ensure that our contactors and motor starters stand out with regards to quality and long life.

Circuit breakers for short circuit- and overload protection of motor applications, covering the current range from 0.1 to 90 A AC-3 rating. CTI 25MB breakers offer a higher short circuit breaking capacity than the CTI 25M type due to their built-on current limiter.

The program is very flexible, featuring add-on accessories such as auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts, voltage-and under voltage trips, connection terminals and bus bars.

The contactor range includes minicontactors from 2.2. to 5 kW and control relays/ contactors from 2.2 to 238 kW.
The range of auxiliary functions and accessories is very comprehensive and includes: auxiliary contact blocks, timer blocks, interface modules, suppression blocks, mechanical interlocks, rating plates and many more.

Danfoss contactors CI range CI4, CI5, CI6, CI9, CI12, CI15, CI16, CI20, CI25, CI30 and CI61 up to CIEI420 which includes mini contactors from 2.2. to 4 kW and control relays

The CIM motor starter is a direct on-line unit, consisting of a contactor with a start contact, if appropriate, mounted in an enclosure with stop/reset button or with start stop/reset buttons.

In order to keep a minimum and flexible stock, the thermal overload relay must be ordered separately related to the actual full load current of motor.
• Max, 4-11 kW
• CIM 9-25 (wall mounted)
• Stop/reset
• Start-stop/reset
• Control voltage 230-415/50

Danfoss ECI Electronic contactors are designed for fast and demanding switching of loads such as heaters, solenoids, transformers and motors. The units are DIN rail mountable, complete with heatsink and require no additional components.
ACI Analogue power controller is designed for very precise temperature and transformer control. The ACI is typically used as controller for heaters and infrared lamps but also ideal on transformer controlled processes.

The MCI DOL motor contactor are designed for fast and demanding switching of 3-phase AC motors in cranes, packaging machines and other applications with frequent inching, jogging or plugging and where a high number of operating cycles is essential. RCI reversing contactors are designed for demanding forward/reverse control of 3-phase AC motors i conveyors, thread cutting machines, packkaging lines and other applications where fast reversing capabilities are needed.

Offers better reduction of starting current than a traditional star/ delta starter
• IP 65
• Main and repair switch
• Short circuit and overload protection
• Manual and remote operation of starter
• Terminal strip for connection
• Control circuit fuses
• Only 3 conductors for motor
• No zero conductor necessary
• CE approval

The Danfoss MCI soft starter range are designed for soft starting and stopping of 3 phase a.c. motors,
starting of 3 phase compressors (MCI C) and starting small commercial refrigeration units & heat pump (MCI-CH) thus reducing the inrush current and eliminating the damaging effects of high starting torque surges.
TCI starting torque limiters are designed for soft starting of 1- and 3-phase AC motors.

Danfoss electronic timers ATI, BTI, SDT and MTI


• Easy time setting
• Electrical noise immunity
• Mechanical shock and vibration resistance
• Time ranges 0.1 s to 30 min for single function Electronic timers and 0.05 s to 300 h for multi function Electronic timers
• Compact standard dimensions
• DIN rail or adaptor mounting
• Single function electronic timers featuring:
- ON delay
- OFF delay

The Danfoss thermal overload range TI 9C, TI 16C, TI 25C, TI 30C, TI 80 & TI 86 are used with the contactor range CI 4 - CI 86 to give protection of squirrel-cage motors.
The Danfoss electronic motor protection relays TI 180E and TI 630E give effective protection of electric motors exposed to thermal overload, phase failure and asymmetrical load.


The selection of a Danfoss thermal overload relay must be based on the motor full load current and the method of starting:
- With direct start range for motor starter is used.
- With star – delta start the range for Y/D starter is used.

Danfoss Auxiliary Contacts, Charge Suppressors, Clip-On Timers, Contact Sets, Contactor Coils, Covers, Jumpers, Mechanical Interlocks and Miscellaneous Accessories & Spare Parts


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