Danfoss High Pressure Pumps (formerly Danfoss Nessie) offer their unique water hydraulics product programme and other high pressure water solutions. – The Danfoss High Pressure Pump (Nessie) product programme covers more than 40 patents!

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The Danfoss HPP range main focus is on many distinct solution areas with targeted products and expertise.

These areas are: 

Fire fighting:
Using high-pressure water mist for fire fighting systems is the most efficient way to extinguish fires. The low quantity of water required means consumption can be reduced to one seventh of the volume used by conventional sprinkler systems.

Reverse osmosis:
Reverse osmosis is the process of turning sea water into drinking water. Typical desalination applications are on yachts and remote areas (eg islands). The Danfoss duplex/super duplex pumps generate the pressure needed to send the incoming salt water through the membranes and as a result drinkable water is separated from the salt water.

Wood processing:
Using high-pressure water mist to lubricate and to cool saw blades in a saw mill prevents resin from sticking to the blades and reduces friction, which means increased productivity and lower energy cost. Sawdust levels are reduced too, resulting in a better working environment. High-pressure water mist is also used for humidity controls in drying kilns.

High-pressure water mist can be used in a variety of humidification applications, such as humidification in open space, in air handling units and for adiabatic cooling.NOx control and turbine efficiency:
High-pressure DI water mist can be sprayed into the air intake of diesel engines for ships or gas turbines for power generation to reduce the NOX pollution and to increase the efficiency of the turbine.

Industrial cleaning:
Solenoid valves for general usage are used in a number of industrial cleaning applications like automatic car wash systems, stationary high-pressure washers, snow-making machines and parts cleaning. Cylinder and motor functions can be performed with ordinary tap water as the hydraulic fluid. Combining that with their internal system house, representing a strong technical and application knowledge, you have come to the best place for high-pressure water solutions.

Danfoss Group manufactures a wide range of water control valves and NESSIE® High Pressure Water Control Products including pumps, power packs, motors, valves, and cylinders:

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps:
High-pressure pump range based on the axial piston principle (5–9 pistons) enabling a very light and compact design. Very low pulsation and airborne noise

PAH and PAHF High-pressure pump for clean tap water and watermist fire fighting applications.
PAHT High-pressure pump for technical water (DI/RO) water.
APP high-pressure pumps function both as main pumps and as reversing pumps (motors) for energy recovery in seawater RO applications.

Power Packs: by Danfoss High Pressure Pumps
The Danfoss water hydraulic power pack is a compact and flexible supply unit.

Danfoss PPH Series Power Packs
Danfoss Hydraulic System Power Packs Designed For City Water

Water Motors: by Danfoss High Pressure Pumps
MAH high-speed motor is operated by water hydraulics and is based on the axial piston principle with fixed displacement

Danfoss MAH Motors for High Speed Applications
Danfoss MVM Motors for Low Speed Applications.
The SWPE is a high efficiency energy recovery unit for reverse osmosis filtration of seawater.

Valves: by Danfoss High Pressure Pumps
A comprehensive stainless steel valve program for high pressure applications.

VOH and VOCH Throttle Valves according to the needle controlled valve principle, optional with check valve.
VDH 2/2-way and 4/3-way directional valves.
VCH Check valve or non return valve –conical poppet design.
VDHT 2/2-way solenoid valves, inline and integrated valve blocks.
VRRH Pressure reducing valve to control a certain flow into a hydraulic sub-system.
VDM-VDHT-VDH Application dedicated 3/2-way solenoid valve series.
VPH Combined pressure relief and electrically on/off activated by-pass valve for power packs.
VRH Relief valve for protecting systems against pressure peaks and for pressure control.


Nozzles : by Danfoss High Pressure Pumps
A range of nozzles are tailored to atomize water in high-pressure water mist systems

Danfoss water mist nozzles
Danfoss water mist nozzles with anti-drip



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