EV222BDanfoss EV222B is an indirect servo-operated solenoid valve program for use in connection with contaminated or aggressive media.

Valve body in stainless steel, isolating diaphragm protecting the solenoid system against impurities, build in pilot filter, adjustable closing time, enclosures up to IP67 ensure a reliable and satisfaction function.



• 2/2-way
• Servo-operated
• Isolating diaphragm
• DN 15 - DN 50
• Ambient temperature: +60ºC
• Stainless steel valve body
• NC versions only

• The isolating diaphragm design ensures that no fluid enters the armature area, which gives the following advantages:
- the valve is resistant to aggressive fluids, to impurities in the fluid and to to calcareous and other scale deposits
• Differential pressure: Up to 10 bar
• Viscosity: Up to 50 cSt
• Coil enclosure: Up to IP 67
• Thread connection: From G 1/2 to G 2
• Water hammer damped
• Built in filter for protection of pilot system

GOST-T - Russian Government Standardization  Coil, CT 
GOST-T - Russian Government Standardization  Solenoid valve, EV
UL-Underwriters Laboratories inc.  Solenoid valve, EV

Danfoss EV222B Servo-operated 2/2-way solenoid valves with isolating diaphragm
Code number Type Operation Function Connection Orifice size [mm] Seal matl. Diff. pressure [bar] Body matl. Kv m³/h
032U8526 EV222B Servo-operated (diaphragm) NC G 1/2 15,00 mm FKM 0,3 - 10 bar Stainless steel 4,00
032U8527 EV222B Servo-operated (diaphragm) NC G 3/4 20,00 mm FKM 0,3 - 10 bar Stainless steel 8,00
032U8528 EV222B Servo-operated (diaphragm) NC G 1 25,00 mm FKM 0,3 - 10 bar Stainless steel 11,00
032U8529 EV222B Servo-operated (diaphragm) NC G 1 1/4 32,00 mm FKM 0,3 - 10 bar Stainless steel 18,00
032U8530 EV222B Servo-operated (diaphragm) NC G 1 1/2 40,00 mm FKM 0,3 - 10 bar Stainless steel 24,00
032U8531 EV222B Servo-operated (diaphragm) NC G 2 50,00 mm FKM 0,3 - 10 bar Stainless steel 40,00
Spare parts kits for EV222B






Spare parts kits for EV222B
Code number Type Application
032U6326 Spare part kit EV222B 15BD/SS FKM
032U6327 Spare part kit EV222B 20BD/SS FKM
032U6328 Spare part kit EV222B 25BD/SS FKM
032U6329 Spare part kit EV222B 32BD/SS FKM
032U6330 Spare part kit EV222B 40BD/SS FKM
032U6331 Spare part kit EV222B 50BD/SS FKM



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