Danfoss MBV 3000 is a test valve which is designed for the test of pressure cartridge transmitters within the marine industry.
The valve meets demands for fast installation, simple and effective isolation and easy test pressure connection
The MBV 3000 test valve has been designed for mounting with Danfoss pressure cartridge transmitters type MBS 3100/3150 and MBS 33M.
The main advantage is the ability to test the operating transmitter through the test connection. The built-in shut-off valve makes this possible without draining the system.
After the transmitter is tested, the valve is manually re-opened and the transmitter is again connected to the system.

• Compact design
• Light material
• Direct connection into the measuring point
• Possible to position in all directions
• Flexible because transmitter and test coupling can replace each other
• Fast and easy to operate

Danfoss MBV 3000 Test valve for pressure cartridge transmitters
Code no. Type Pressure range (Pi) [bar] Pressure conn. size Operating temp. [°C] Test function Test pressure conn.size
061B6100 MBV 3000 0 - 120 bar 1/2 -20 - 120 °C Separate 16 x 2


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