Durable, reliable, and easy to adjust – Danfoss RTe pressure and temperature switch offers the same features as the RT – but now has EEX approval for use in areas with high risk of explosion

Trusted and approved
For many compressor manufacturers, the Danfoss RT switch is a trusted component, renowned for its safety and reliability. With a manual reset feature, the RT is recommended for safety shut-offs – often where other controls have failed. The customers were requesting an EEX-approved version of this product for use in situations where explosions are a risk factor – and now the introduction of the RTe is set to meet their demands.

The RTe has CE and ATEX approvals:

•CE marked, according to EN 60947-4/-5
•CE marked, according to PED 97/23/EC category IV, safety equipment: RTE6AEW, RTE6AEB, RTE6AES
•CCC, China Compulsory Certificate

Mehrer Kompressoren, a large German manufacturer of piston compressors, was one of the first companies to adopt the RTe. Mehrer were already using Danfoss RT switches, but needed EEX-approved switches for situations where flammable gases and vapours are present in their production processes. Danfoss responded to its customer’s needs by developing the EEX-approved RTe with specifications such as metal housing, which make it ideal for handling explosive gasses safely.

The RTe is available as a temperature switch (thermostat), a pressure switch as well as a differential pressure switch. For further technical specifications please see data sheet below.

Mehrer adopted the EEX-approved RT in favour of their previous switch, supplied by another manufacturer, because it is easier and quicker to install. It requires considerably less time to wire and make adjustments.

Danfoss always try to respond to customer demand: with the RTe, a new and improved product has been added to the portfolio and it has already received positive feedback from customers, among them Mehrer Kompressoren who is satisfied with both the process and the product.

RT-E, pressure controls, heavy duty applications
Code no. Type Press. conn. std. Press. conn. Reg. range [bar] Pe Diff. [bar] Contact function Reset Encl.
017-500966 RT1AE ISO228-1 G 3/8 -0,80 - 5,00 bar 0,50 - 1,60 bar SPDT gold Auto IP66
017-502166 RT6AES ISO228-1 G 3/8 10,00 - 28,00 bar 1,50 bar SPDT gold Max IP66
017-513466 RT6AEB ISO228-1 G 3/8 10,00 - 28,00 bar 1,50 bar SPDT gold Max IP54
017-513866 RT6AEW ISO228-1 G 3/8 5,00 - 25,00 bar 3,00 bar SPDT gold Auto IP66
017-518566 RT112E ISO228-1 G 3/8 0,10 - 1,10 bar 0,07 - 0,16 bar SPDT gold Auto IP66
017-519566 RT113E ISO228-1 G 3/8 0,00 - 0,30 bar 0,01 - 0,05 bar SPDT gold Auto IP66
017-520166 RT116E ISO228-1 G 3/8 1,00 - 10,00 bar 0,33 - 1,30 bar SPDT gold Auto IP66
017-525266 RT5E ISO228-1 G 3/8 4,00 - 17,00 bar 1,20 - 4,00 bar SPDT gold Auto IP66
017-529866 RT117E ISO228-1 G 3/8 10,00 - 30,00 bar 1,00 - 4,00 bar SPDT gold Auto IP66

Differential Pressure Switches (as standard connection G3/8A and with welded nipple Ø6.5/10 mm)
Code no. Type Regulation range [bar] Pe Diff. range [bar] Max. working pressure [bar] Pe Contact function
017D003066 RT262AE -1 - 9 bar 0,10 - 1,50 bar 11,0 bar SPDT (neutral zone)
017D003666 RT260AE -1 - 18 bar 0,50 - 4,00 bar 22,0 bar SPDT (neutral zone)

RTe Temperature Switches (as standard with 2 m capillary tube)
Code no. Type Temp. range [°C] Sensor type Cap. tube length [mm] Diff. @ Min. range setting[°C] Diff. @ Max. range setting[°C] Sensor size (Ø x L) [mm] Contact function Reset Encl.
017-509866 RT14E -5 - 30 °C Cylindrical remote sensor (A) 2.000 mm 2,0 - 8,0 °C 2,0 - 10,0 °C 9.5 x 110 mm SPDT gold Auto IP66
017-512666 RT101E 25 - 90 °C Cylindrical remote sensor (A) 2000 mm 2,4 - 10,0 °C 3,5 - 20,0 °C 9.5 x 80 mm SPDT gold Auto IP66
017-515366 RT107E 70 - 150 °C Cylindrical remote sensor (A) 2000 mm 6,0 - 25,0 °C 1,8 - 8,0 °C 9.5 x 110 mm SPDT gold Auto IP66
017-521666 RT123E 150 - 250 °C Cylindrical remote sensor (A) 2000 mm 6,5 - 30,0 °C 1,8 - 9,0 °C 9.5 x 110 mm SPDT Auto IP66


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