Danfoss Solenoid Valves

Danfoss offers an exceptionally wide range of solenoid valves, available in direct-operated, servo-operated and assisted lift versions. An easy, economical way to control and regulate fluids and gases.
Danfoss solenoid valves feature:
• The best water hammer damped valve
• Very long lifetime due to the special construction
• Insensitive to dirt with self-cleaning filter
• Wide range of different body and sealing materials
• Suitable for the innovative clip-on coil system
• Wide coil range up to IP67
• WRAS approved versions

Danfoss solenoid valves within the compact range EV210A, EV220A and EV310A offers a wide range of features giving advantages over other makes of valve. The bodies and coils give optimum performance for their size and the simple modular design ensures reliable function and easy service. The valves give a long lifetime duration and are less sensitive to dirt, with increased resistance against corrosion and cavitations. Solenoid valve coils come in a wide range of voltages and protection class up to IP 65.
All valves have optimum KV-values with several KV-values for each tube size.

Danfoss solenoid valves - direct or servo-operated are used for a large number of industrial applications where a simple and reliable solution is a must. This new high performance Danfoss solenoid valve range EV210B, EV215B, EV220B, EV222B, EV224B, EV225B, EV245B (EVJHS), EV250B, EV260B and EV310B (EVI, EVSI) can be used in all kinds of tough applications.
The new range of small EV210B, EV310B 2/2 and 3/2 way Danfoss direct operated valves are ideal for applications such as compressors, autoclaves, bakeries, food processing equipment, water treatment, washing plants and boilers.
Danfoss valves are available with EPDM, FKM and NBR seals and operate up to 30 bar and up to 185ºC.
For Water applications you can choose EPDM, NBR, or FKM, note that the present FKM material is limited to 60º C.
The NBR is applicable up to 90º C, and the EPDM can be used for hot water and even low pressure steam up to 140º C.
For Air or Oil you can choose either NBR or FKM.
For high pressure steam up to 10 Bar and 185º C PTFE is applicable.

Danfoss coils are usually ordered separately to allow maximum flexibility, enabling you to select a valve and coil combination to best suit your needs.
The Danfoss Coil and valve units are assembled quickly and simply without tools, providing the best product flexibility and availibility. If a replacement is necessary, it can be done without stopping or draining the system.

The series of solenoid coils BB, BE and BN from Danfoss simply click onto valve armatures without the need for external fastening hardware. That key advantage simplifies mounting and maintenance as compared with traditional coil attachment that requires cap, label, and nut that are easily lost while working with them in the field.
Equipped with either a conduit boss or junction box, the fully encapsulated coils mount using an internal click-on fastening system and have no external retaining hardware. Though coils are mounted without tools, the internal click-on fastening provides secure attachment that will not vibrate loose, even in extreme environments. The coils are designed to operate in aggressive environments where there can be wide humidity and temperature variations.
Click-on coils are available for the entire range of normally open and normally closed Danfoss solenoid valves.

The Danfoss coil program consists of both the easy-to-handle Clip-On system and traditional coils with threaded fastener. Also, with approvals such as EEx / ATEX and UL, we offer a wide range of application specific coils for e.g. steam or hazardous areas.

Danfoss offer a range of spare parts

- Kits and plugs for their solenoid valves


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