Danfoss EV2EVJHS Steam valves45B (EVJHS 15/20) are heavy duty servo-operated valves for steam.
For applications with steam up to 10 bar and because of the high temperature involved - up to 185ºC - it is necessary to use special materials.
EV245B - EVJHS valves incorporated such heat-resistant materials, together with a special coil.
Coil type BR can be used on EV245B



The valves are available in sizes 1/2" (032U3033) and 3/4" (032U3053) and like the other servo-operated valves the design principle with pilot orifice, equalising orifice and servo piston is the same.
EV245B - EVJHS valves are offered in normally closed versions.
• Max. media temperature: 185ºC
• Max. ambient temperature 40ºC with 185ºC media temperature
• Differential pressure 0.1 to 10 bar
• Gasket materials: stainless steel , PFTE
• Test pressure: max. 25 bar

Danfoss EV245B Servo-operated 2/2-way solenoid valves for steam
Code no. Type Operation Function Connection Orifice size [mm] Seal mat. Medium temp. range [°C] Diff. pressure [bar] Body mat. Kv value [m³/h]
032U3833 EV245B Servo-operated (piston) N C G 1/2 15,00 mm PTFE -10 - 185 °C 0,1 - 10 bar Brass 5,000 m3/h
032U3853 EV245B Servo-operated (piston) N C G 3/4 20,00 mm PTFE -10 - 185 °C 0,1 - 10 bar Brass 6,000 m3/h


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